Going Wide for Wide Angle Youth Media!

For Immediate Release!

Going Wide for Wide Angle Youth Media!


November 12, 2014

Newark, NJ- the Youth Media Symposium will be

travelling to Baltimore Maryland on Tuesday,

November 12 to visit the Wide Angle Youth Media

Program. Beforehand, YMS will visit several of

Baltimore’s finest attractions, including the

Baltimore Harbor and the Hard Rock Cafe.

When we arrive at Baltimore, the combined forces

of YMS and WAYM will create a media project

entitled “By Any Means Necessary!” chronicling the

struggles of our respective school systems and how

we would fix them. Interviews will be held between

the programs in order to create a bigger message for

our school systems, and hopefully a chance to rectify

and save them.


9:00 AM – Bus Departs Rutgers Newark

2:00 PM – Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe at the Harbor

2:30 PM – Visit Great Blacks in Wax Museum

4:00 PM – WAYM Facility for Media Workshop

7:00 PM – Depart Baltimore, MD for Newark, NJ

10:00 PM – Expected return to Rutgers Newark

About YMS

YMS, or Youth Media Symposium, is an after-school program

targeted at Newark High-School students. Together, we

work with media as well as advocacy to spread our message,

education equality for all. Located at Rutgers Newark,

today our goal is not only to implement a College and Career

Readiness Class in all Newark Public Schools, but also to open

College Success Centers in all five Wards of Newark.


Email – kellyprempeh1@gmail.com

Facebook – Kelly Prempeh

MD trip



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