Maryland, Hard Rock Cafe, Blacks in Wax, and Wide Angle Youth Media.


Sha-Jene Hutcherson

Youth Trip to Baltimore


November 12, 2014

Newark, NJ – We arrived in Baltimore, Maryland around 2:30 am November 11, 2014 and went

for lunch at the Hard Rock Café. We all enjoyed few different foods as the 90’s rock played in

the backround. After eating and enjoying short chit chat we then made our way back to the

coach bus which we arrived in.

About the Blacks in Wax Museum

We then made our way to the Blacks in Wax Museum around 2:00 pm where we saw

our ancestors and civil rights leader standing tall as figures. Their stories on plaques and the

middle passage down below. The slaves on the ship were treated worse than cattle and this

made me appreciate my ancestors even more.

About Wide Angle

We arrived at the Wide Angle Youth Media Workshop Around 4:00pm and after seeing a

presentation got to meet and interview the students. They were kind and eager individuals.

There program was much like our on in many different aspects. We both use media, are both

youth programs, and more.

About YMS

YMS is th Youth Media Symposium. It is an afterschool advocacy program that teaches

leadership skills, advocacy skills, media production, and public speaking skills. It is a great place

for students to get these skills and learn through media production.



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