YMS: Adventures in Baltimore

YMS: Adventures in Baltimore

Kayla Kirkland- Johnson

Newark, NJ- on November 11, 2014 YMS took a trip as a group to Baltimore, Maryland. On

this trip, we ate at The Hardrock Cafe, visited The Blacks in Wax museum, and met another

youth group called Wide Angle Facility for Media. The trip was very enlightening, yet

lighthearted at the same time. I believe as a group we have all become somewhat closer, and

found varied similarities and differences between ourselves and the kids we met. Though we all

come from different places, when put into one room I can honestly say we we’re all just kids

trying to do better.


9:00am- Bus Departs Rutgers Newark 1

2:30pm- Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in Harbor

3:00pm- Great Blacks in Wax Museum

4:00pm- Wide Angle Facility for Media Workshop

7:00pm- Depart Baltimore, MD for Newark, NJ

10:00pm- Return

About YMS

Youth Media Symposium is a group that meets up twice a week to discuss our problems and

form solutions to better our community. We use the media to get our points across and to teach

others about the past, present, and our anticipated future.



YMS working together with Wide Angle!


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