How the Wrong Garbage Can Turned Into Injustice

It was morning time in early March, and I was in Piscataway for my cousins birthday. His sister was my age and we were inseparable.  I often went to their house because her mother was my mothers only sister.  They used to have twin sisters, but they passed away before they even turned one. After that, our moms became closer and built a beautiful relationship.

When we woke up we decided to have applesauce for breakfast; I always put cinnamon in mine because that’s how my mother always fed it to me. My cousin decides she wants to try it, so she pours a bunch on cinnamon on her bowl. However, by the time she’s done mixing hers, I’m already done with mine. When she tastes hers, she immediately made a sour face, making it evident that she didn’t like it.

In an attempt to hide her unfinished applesauce, she poured it into a White Castle cup that was already in the trash.  Afterwards, she rinsed out the applesauce bowl and placed it in the recycles. However, I don’t recycle at my house, so I threw my cup in the same garbage as the White Castle cup. Thinking that I did nothing wrong, I went to her room and we played with our toys.

About an hour later, her mother goes into the kitchen and finds the White Castle cup in the wrong garbage. So, she questioned who ate applesauce for breakfast, and my cousin and I both said we did.  Shortly after, she questions both of us separately in hopes of finding out who threw the applesauce container in the wrong garbage.  She brings us back together and without any actual proof, and automatically doesn’t blame her daughter because her daughter “doesn’t lie”. She assumes that because I live in an urban area–that it comes naturally for me to lie and steal, so she assumes that I was responsible for throwing the cup in the wrong garbage.  Since she doesn’t tolerate lying in her house, she immediately contacted my mother to come and get me.  I wasn’t welcome in her house anymore, but I didn’t have a problem leaving.



Kayla Kirkland-Johnson


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