Since When Were School Fights Entertainment?

It was during the school year when the biggest fight between my two friends occurred. Like any other school day, it was a regular day.  Until, during my second block class, which was my History class, where a huge fight occurred.

My friends were sitting in a row, one behind another.  One of my friends, named Queona Williams, loudly made a general statement to the class, “This class is really pointless!”

Shortly after, my friend Zaniyah Campbell rudely commented on her statement, “Then just stay home and stop complaining!”

Being that Queona doesn’t really much home training, she flipped Zaniyah’s desk over, and told her to stand up.  Zaniyah refused. Instead, she continued to sit down and remain calm, but she still decided to keep provoking her by making more comments.  Queona then pulled her up from her chair and started to hit her.

Ultimately, I came to the realization that my friends and I were being bystanders because we were standing there watching this fight as if it were a TV show, and not doing anything to help break it up. Not only that, but it was also taking time out our history class, which I disliked because it took away time from my education.


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